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Spice strength system

(*)  -  Mild

(**)  -  Medium

(***)  -  Hot

(****)  - Very Hot

Food Allergy?

(GF)  -  Gluten Free

(N)  - Nuts

**NOTE** - All our main dishes includes choice of Pilau Rice, Plain Naan or Chips (This excludes Biryani Dishes)

Veg Starter

Veg Pakora  - Mix Vegetables deep fried in garam batter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £3.95

Onion Bhajee  - Spiced Onions deep fried in garam flour batter ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £3.95

Samosa  - Pastry parcels with stuffing of potatoes, green peas and fresh herbs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (**) £3.95

Garlic Mushroom  - Mushroom cooked with inions, garlic and served with Indian pancakes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (**) £3.95

Mix Veg Starters  - A selection of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora and onion bhajee ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (**) £4.75

Non - Veg Starter

Chicken Pakora  - Tender marinated spiced chicken deep fried in garam flour batter --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £4.45

Chicken Puri  - Spiced chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions and green peppers served with Indian pancake -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (**) £4.45

Chicken Bang Bang  - Chicken Tikka cooked in garlic, diced inion and sweet chilli sauce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £4.45

Chatpate Wings  - Chicken wings marinated with spices, herbs cooked in a tandoor oven ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (**) £4.45

Chicken Tikka  - Chicken marinated with spices, herbs and yogurt in the tandoor oven ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £4.45

Tandoori Chicken  - Chicken on the bone cooked in the tandoor oven  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £4.45

Sheek Kebab  - Finely minced lamb mixed with blend of herbs and spices in the tandoor oven  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £4.45

King Prawn Puri  - King Prawn cooked with tomatoes, onions, and green peppers served with an Indian Pancake  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (**) £5.75

Tandoori Mix  - Selection of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and tandoori chicken --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £5.75

Tandoori King Prawn  - King Prawn marinated spices, herbs and yogurt in the tandoor oven  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £6.95


Tandoori Specialists (Tandoori Dishes are accompanied with veg curry sauce)

Tandoori Chicken - Chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £11.25

Chicken Tikka  - Tender Chicken fillets marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £11.25

Sheek Kebab  - Finely minced lamb with blend of herbs and spices ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £11.25

Chicken Shashlik  - Breast chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices with onions and mixed peppers ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £11.25

Lamb Shashlik  - Lamb Marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices with onions and mixed peppers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £11.25

Tandoori Mix  - A selection of barbecued chicken and lamb tikka, tandoori chicken and sheek kebab -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £12.25

Tandoori King Prawn  - King Prawn marinated in yogurt, spices and herbs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £14.25


House Specialities

Tikka Masala  - Cooked in a rich creamy sauce with coconut and almond powder (GF & N) (*) 

Punjabi Masala  - Cooked in a rich creamy sauce with mixed peppers and onions (GF & N) (*)

Special  - Cooked in a thick creamy sauce with mango (GF & N) (*) 

Tikka Pasanda  - Cooked with fresh cream, yogurt, coconut cream and almond powder (GF & N) (*) 

Tikka Mushroom Dopiaza  - Cooked in a medium curry sauce with plenty of cube onions and mushrooms (GF) (**)

Balti  - Cooked with garlic, ginger, spices and balti sauce with mixed peppers, onions and topped up with fresh coriander (GF) (**)

Karahi  - Cooked in thick medium sauce with plenty of ginger, mixed peppers, onions and spices (GF) (**)

Tikka Chilli Masala  - Cooked in a thick spicy sauce with plenty of mixed peppers, onion, ginger and fresh green chillies (GF) (***)

Tikka Garlic Chilli Masala  - Cooked in a thick spicy sauce with plenty of garlic, ginger, green chilli and touch of lemon juice (GF) (***)

Jalfrezi  - Cooked in a spicy tangy sauce with mixed peppers, onions and fresh chilli (GF) (***)

Nagpuri  - Cooked in a thick sauce with mixed peppers, onions, mushroom and green chilli, topped with fresh coriander (GF) (****)

Naaga  - A most popular authentic spicy Indian dish, cooked with a very hot sauce. Naaga chilli paste cooked with garlic, ginger, onions and naaga chilli (GF) (*****)

All of our dishes from House Specialities are available in:

Vegetables -- £8.95

Paneer -- £10.25

Lamb -- £11.25

Chicken -- £10.95

King Prawn -- £14.95

Mixed -- £12.95

Chef's Specialities 

Mayur Tikka Khazana  - Medium dish cooked with selection of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, king prawn, mixed peppers and onions in a thick sauce --------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £12.95

Mayur Special Korma  - Our chef signature dish cooked with chicken tikka, lamb and king prawns mixed with mild spices in a rich creamy sauce with a dash of Baileys Cream ----- (GF & N) (*) £12.95

Chicken Desi Masala  - Chicken tikka pan cooked in a garlic butter, cream, garam masala, onions and tomato sauce finished with coriander ------------------------------------------------------------------(GF) (**) £10.95

Chicken Tikka Mirchi Korma  - Chicken tikka cooked in a rich creamy sauce with coconut and almond powder, cooked with fresh green chillies ----------------------------------------------- (GF & N) (**) £10.95

Butter Chicken  - Strips of Tandoori chicken cooked in rich creamy tomato sauce with ghee and methi leaves ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF & N) (**) £10.95

Lamb Roghani  - Lamb cooked with garlic, tomato sauce, aniseed and ginger ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £11.25

Chicken Chetinad  - Chicken cooked with chetinad spice, pan fired dish with red hot chillies, roasted coriander seeds, tarmarind paste, garlic, ginger and curry leaves ------------------------- (GF) (***) £10.95

Goanese Parwns  - Chicken/lamb cooked with king prawns with spices, coconut cream, fresh green chillies and garlic paste ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (****) £12.95 

Biryani Dishes (GF) (**)

Biryani dishes are traditional rice dish cooked with spices, cinnamon stick, bay leafs and topped up with fresh coriander. Served with vegetable curry sauce

Vegetable Biryani -- £9.25

Chicken Biryani -- £10.95

Lamb Biryani  -- £11.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani  - £11.95

King Prawn Biryani  -- £14.95

Special Biryani  - £12.95

Mix of chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawns 


Traditional Dishes

Curry  - Plain medium curry dish (GF) (**)

Korma  - Cooked with coconut powder, almond powder, sultanas in a creamy sauce (GF & N) (*)

Kashmir  - Cooked in a mild creamy sauce with lychees and banana (GF & N) (*)

Bhuna  - Medium curry dish cooked in a thick sauce with mixed peppers, tomato, onions, spices and herbs (GF) (**)

Dopiaza  - Cooked in a medium curry sauce with chunky onions and tomatoes (GF) (**)

Rogan Josh  - Medium curry dish cooked with mixed peppers, tomato, onions, spices and herbs (GF) (**)

Dansak  - Cooked with lentils, pineapple, spices, herbs, sweet and sour sauce (GF) (**)

Patia  - Cooked with mixed Indian spices, fresh lemon juice, Indian sweet and sour sauce. Fairly hot (GF) (**) 

Saag  - Cooked in a medium spice thick sauce with spinach (GF) (**)

Methi  - Cooked in a medium curry sauce with spices and fenugreek leaves (GF) (**)

Madras  - Cooked in a hot spicy sauce with blend of spices (GF) (***)

Vindaloo  - Cooked in a very hot sauce with potatoes (GF) (****)

All of our dishes above from Traditional section are available in:

Vegetables -- £8.95

Paneer -- £10.25

Lamb -- £11.25

Chicken -- £10.95

King Prawn -- £14.95

Mixed -- £12.95

Vegetable Dishes 

Saag Alo  - Spinach and potatoes cooked gently with spices (dry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £8.95

Aloo Gobi  - Potatoes and cauliflower cooked gently with spices (dry) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £8.95

Pancharatna Daal  - Mixed variety of lentils cooked in a slow heat with spices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**)  £8.95

Bombay Aloo  - Potatoes cooked with spices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £8.95

Garlic Potatoes  - Potatoes cooked with plenty of garlic and spices -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £8.95

Chana Saag  - Chick peas and spinach cooked gently in spices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £8.95

Chana Masala  - Chickpeas cooked gently with spices (dry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF) (**) £8.95

All of the above Vegetables dishes are available as side dishes as well for £4.95

Kids Meal

Chicken Curry with Rice/Chips --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF) (**) £7.95

Chicken Korma with Rice/Chips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (GF & N) (*) £7.95

Chicken Tikka Masala with Rice/Chips ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (GF & N) (*) £7.95

Chicken Strips and Chips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ £5.95

Chicken Nuggets and Chips ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ £5.95


Pilau Rice (GF) £2.25

Boiled Rice (GF) £2.10

Mushroom/Vegetables/Special Rice (GF) £3.25

Naan £2.25

Garlic/Cheese/Chilli/Keema Naan £3.25

Peshwari Naan (N) £3.25

Garlic and Cheese Naan £3.25

Tandoori Roti £2.10

Chips (GF) £2.25

Side Salad (GF) £1.75

Curry/Madras Sauce (GF) £4.25

Masala/Korma Sauce (GF & N) £4.25

Popadoms (GF) £0.75

Dips (GF) £0.75

Soft Drinks £1.50

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